Step By Step Guide on How to install Microsoft Office 2019

 Step By Step Guide on How to install Microsoft Office 2019


It is quite easy to install Microsoft office 2019 on your laptop since it is similar to the installation of the same on a desktop. However, there are some laptops that have smaller hard disks and it could be hard to install some software because of space.

Therefore, it is recommended when you are searching for laptops or desktops to consider essential factors of these products. The internal details of your PC will determine the type of the software it can be installed in.


There are also some operating systems that are compatible with the specific software of Microsoft office. Make sure the operating system in your PC can accommodate several software so that it cannot limit to certain types only.

Office setup can be a little bit tricky to those individuals who are not experts in the area and many of them may seek assistance from computer experts. However, you do not need to spend any coin for the installation of Microsoft office since it is quite simple to do.

Microsoft office 2019 can take a lot of space in your laptop or desktop. Therefore, you should opt for customized installation so that it cannot occupy a larger space.


How to Install Microsoft Office 219


Check your laptop or desktop to see if there is any presence of Microsoft office. You can proceed to download the office 2019 in case there is none.

In case you have any version of office 2016, 2013 or 2010, you need to uninstall the software before installing office setup of 2019. It is quite vital since it will reduce the clash between the multiple versions in the desktop or the laptop operating system.

These multiple versions have different licensing numbers and in case they get themselves in the same operating systems, they won’t work as expected. You may experience difficulties due to licensing conflicts.


All the steps of setting up the office setup are just the same regardless of the windows of your laptop or desktop. Therefore, there is no need to get worried but stick to the instructions and everything shall go fine.

Here are steps on how to install office setup of 2019:

  • Open the control panel of your PC
  • Go to the programs and select uninstall program
  • Pick the old version of your Microsoft office 2016
  • Select yes button to confirm uninstallation process
  • When uninstallation wizard is finished then close it
  • Restart your laptop or desktop
  • Download office version of 2019 from Office 365


  • Follow the installation process on the office set up like click run and select yes button to start the installation
  • Launch the office once it is complete.
  • Open the application and accept office license
  • Check the office updates before using in order to fix any update issues. Factors to Consider When Upgrading Microsoft Office 2016 to 2019

Every business in the world has the desire to improve productivity. Microsoft Company has kept on upgrading its software in order to meet the needs of their customers. The introduction of Microsoft office 2019 has come with many improved features and many people are going for it.

Here are some important things to put into consideration before switching your office set up in the recent days. These factors include:



Many office setups require subscription charges and their amount usually varies. It is upon you to consider the recent setup and new version subscription fees. If it is affordable then opt for it but if it is expensive think otherwise.

The requirement of the hardware

There are certain operating systems that accept a specific type of software and others do not work efficiently. It is because of the speed of the processors and RAM are low. Therefore, you have to check the windows of your computer before installing the latest version.

Transferring Content

Can the presence platform accept content from your previous version of office? Well, check the compatibility between the previous version and the presence version before installing. There are some office setups that are not compatible.

Included Apps

Select the presence version if it has several important version of Microsoft office other than word. It should include other apps like Access, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, PowerPoint and OneNote.

Bottom Line


Microsoft office keeps on upgrading and there are different versions being installed on a yearly basis. However, these versions have quite a number of similarities but very few differences. Therefore, it depends on your desires and preferences.

The instructions above are very clear in case you would like to install the latest version of Microsoft office setup in your laptop or desktops. You can follow them in a combination of those found on the software.